Monday, 7 April 2014

Grievance Within the Individual

Hello person who has systematically, and methodically, been going through this blog to try and get me into trouble; you've probably been waiting with relish, for sometime now, for me to say something, and thusly -  I am. To go through over 640 blog posts over the past few months ( oh, yes, I have been monitoring you;you can check) to try and "catch me out" is your issue, not mine.Your obsession with me borders on a neurosis, your obvious anger towards me as a human being tells me a lot about you as a person. You seem to have insecurity issues and your bitterness is pretty sad. But I suppose you will do what you believe you have to do. Your allegation to the Department of Social Development, well, under the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts, I requested a copy of the allegation only to see that you made it anonymously. You can only be one of a couple of people. And here's the thing - I don't mind. Allege away. There are a few factors to state here -

- I came from a violent and dysfunctional background
- I have battled addictions and beat them
- I have been homeless, twice, and came through two horrible experiences
- I stand up to bullies, because this is what you are: a middle-class bully who harbours a grudge towards me

Within that hostel, I  cooked breakfast and dinner for over 30 people, every Sunday for a year. I washed a lot of dishes. I cleaned the shower-room. I unblocked toilets. I was doing this whilst I was being harassed by a member of staff which caused a lot of problems and hurt feelings. And I came through all that, and your grievance is maybe important to you, but in the bigger scheme of things...

I can deduce that you are middle-class and have a lot of internet/computer access, and a lot of free time on your hands...

In Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy, in some of the circles of hell, there are lost souls there with mentalities such as yours. I deduce that you have some weakness in your psychological make-up which in turn has turned to bitterness. And hate. To try and hurt someone who has been through so much as person really shows up the type of character you really are...

If you've taken a grievance because I wrote about you online, let me say this, you treated me poorly and your failure to accept your actions and take responsibility for them is your problem, not mine. It will always be your problem. In your head.

You made your allegation anonymously and that gives you power, that cloak of anonymity, yes, well, I just wish to say, you will not break me. You will not crush my spirit. I am stronger than you within.  You are either an ex member of staff from that hostel or another individual....I hope someday you wake-up from your vendetta. Oh, yes, it is a vendetta that is your head. Coming from an abusive background: I know bitterness, I know how it can  corrupt one's soul. And I wish to say, to carry around a vendetta towards another human being will poison you completely. It will make you irrational. It will make you misjudge situations. It will take away any empathy, if you have any. What I have came through, hell, and came out the other-side of that, well, I now feel warm sun on my face. I know where goodness, love and honesty lies.
Anyway, that's it.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Blog

Hi. Dear blog readers, thank you for your continuous support: reading about the progression in my life. And reading about my literary efforts. I greatly appreciate your time. 

I started this blog way back in 2010. Back then, I did not think that in 2011 I would become homeless and end up on the streets with no work, and no future. But I adopted a Positive Mental Attitude. 

Yes, I have suffered. But the suffering has made me meek. Humble. Mild. Appreciative. And  it also has given me a great inner- strength which I rely on when life is testing. 

Thank you for staying with me even when I was frustrated and typed out those inner-frustrations in some blog posts on here. When you're down & out, no one cares about you. They define you as a "down & out." I found that very few were willing to give me a chance. But here's the thing, yes, I was down but I was not out. I have this inner motivation and perseverance which carries me through. 

I started this blog with a VERY rudimentary grasp of grammar, and punctuated, a LOT of times, incorrectly. Now? I believe I have overcome and my weaknesses have been addressed. However, there is more work still to do. I desire to take my writing up and beyond standard. I desire to be the best writer I can be. And - hopefully - some writing chances will come my way. 

I will keep updating this blog for a while. But as I feel my writing is a lot stronger: it may be time to move on and start anew. I have thought about this for a while and this is why I started a new blog which is more accessible to leave comments etc. 

And so, here's a link to my new blog:

I am now living in a house as I have stated before and hope to start paid employment within the next couple of weeks. 

Thanks for your time, best wishes. Neil.  2014: the possibilities are infinite. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A New Year. New Possibilities

Make this year, a year of crossings.

Walk over the bridges of life to new beginnings

Arrive there in kind.


Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 was..

the year I had a massive realisation and changed and escaped with my life...

The universe always has a way of retaining focus. For those looking.

May the road rise to meet you, whoever you may be, in 2014


Monday, 30 December 2013

The Thin Man

Hi. I have written a very short story, The Thin Man

see here if you would like to read -

It's set in Belfast.


Sunday, 29 December 2013

Captain Kirk

Hi. It's not everyday you talk to Captain James Tiberius Kirk aka William Shatner, but today was the day - 

as a big fan of the original Star Trek, I am very amused. It's very cool. Social media does it again. Amazing.


Independent Living

What is it like living in a house after being over two years of homeless, in Belfast?

See here -